Macrame queens in the afternoon and I’m in tune or did I speak too soon?

I know I’ve talked about this before, but I am super anal about my schedule. I like things to be predictable. I like to eat the same meals, go to bed at the same time and follow the same exercise schedule so I don’t get panic-y. (I get anxious when I feel unprepared for things or something unexpected happens.)

So, yesterday called for a lunch time run. LOL real feel of 97 at noon. What does our heroine do? The one who obsessively checks the weather for days before scheduled runs and knew it was going to be that bad?

Sigh. We don’t mess with the schedule. Unless for extreme circumstances. I guess this wasn’t extreme.

I am so lame but this made me chuckle

I am so lame but this made me chuckle

Besides the insufferable heat and humidity, I didn’t feel too awful. Actually the first three miles felt pretty swell and then the wheels started to come off. It’s okay though. I wasn’t berating myself. It was ridiculously hot out, it’s not like it was a cool 55 and I was struggling. I took some breaks when it got to be too much.  I sat on the grass, let my heart rate come down and my body cool off for a few seconds.

I made it through though and I don’t think I’ve ever been so disgusting. My clothes were totally saturated and sweat was just dripping off of me in large quantities. I had to sit on the bench in the “locker room” (which is a large restroom with a toilet with a shower) and I was super dizzy, nauseated and thought I would pass out. I kept seeing spots.


Better than the treadmill. Better than running in yax trax through two feet of snow when it was seven degrees out with 20 mph winds.


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2 responses to “Macrame queens in the afternoon and I’m in tune or did I speak too soon?

  1. One of my co-workers/friends ran at lunch yesterday too – and had the same issue…dizzy, totally overheated, etc. So it was an all-around problem for all runners!

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