Is the juice worth the squeeze?

I had such a great weekend! How do they go so fast? I mean, I love my job, but I’d love three-day weekends on the reg(ular).

On Friday, I ended up meeting Sloane and Cass for happy hour. Although, I would like to point out that $4.25 for  a draft of Angry Orchard is not too happy for me. Regardless, it was good to see them and to catch up for a bit.

I inexplicably was wide awake at 6:30 a.m. on Saturday. I was so relieved to check all of my weather apps and realize that the lowest predicted current temperature was nine degrees. Thank you, God. I puttered around a bit, and was out the door by 7:30. The first mile was a little cold, my hands kept going painfully numb. Once they warmed up a bit, they were mostly fine. There was a little bit of a headwind on the way back, which was sort of tough. My face just hurt from it. However, I did see a family of deer. I had to stop and snap a picture.


If you look really hard, you can see them! Ha.

I created this new 15 mile route a few weeks ago and I really like it. An out-and-back loop is much better for my brain than repeating the same circles. Also, there is a real bathroom right around the halfway point, which is reassuring for this temperamental stomach.

I ran a few errands, including a trip to Target, in which I mysteriously spent $80 and somehow have a new running shirt (which I REALLY OBVIOUSLY needed). Also, why are cards SO expensive? I spent $8 on two cards and they aren’t even that great.

I then briefly met with our florist, which was fine. She seems great and very laid-back, which I appreciate. I don’t need anything ridiculous.

After running around all morning, I spent most of the afternoon being delightfully lazy. I finished my book, and vacuumed the stairs and took a nap. It was so nice!

Tim and I decided to bundle up and walk the half mile to dinner. It wasn’t so bad, and I enjoyed a cranberry basil margarita as my reward.


The food was good, and we had a nice time. It’s hard to believe the wedding is only six months away! Ah. After dinner, we stopped for one more round before we headed home.


My alarm was set for 6 a.m. on Sunday, so we called it a night after that. Yikes! I ran over to meet Jill by 7, and together we tackled eight miles. It began snowing pretty early on, and we had snowflakes stuck all over our eyes and in our hair. After our first eight, we picked up the rest of the crew for our second eight. The run flew by. It sounds ridiculous, but it went by so quickly. Company makes a world of difference. A total of 17 mile for me on Sunday. Not shabby.


It’s funny, I was just telling Tim on Saturday that I feel like my stomach has gotten significantly better. It’s far from perfect, but I hadn’t had a really bad stomachache in a while. Then of course, yesterday, it totally freaked out. It was sort of bothering me during the run, but by the time I got home, I was forced to spend a chunk of the day in the fetal position. It hurt so bad. I wonder if I accidentally ate something with gluten on it at dinner the night before? I am not sure. I have been pretty good about avoiding gluten, and we really haven’t gone out to eat in a long time. Tim pointed out that when we last ate there in December, I was really sick the next day too. I don’t think it’s the place, I think it’s my stomach.

Regardless, I am just happy I got my run in!

I took a wonderful nap, and spent the rest of the day cooking and doing work and reading my book for book club.

It was a really great weekend.



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It’s the terror of knowing what this world is about

Happy Friday!

Who else is ready for 5 p.m.?

Tonight, Tim and I are either going to meet his friend Ryan, and his fiancee April, for drinks or we may stay home and continue to watch season three of parks and rec. Honestly? Either sounds totally fine with me.

Tomorrow, I hope to run outside. I may even lower my cold weather standards. Please, please no treadmill. After that, Tim’s mom and I have an appointment with the florist in the afternoon. Luckily, the woman my photographer recommended had very reasonable prices. I hope its quick, I am not really that interested in flowers. Just make them look nice.


In the evening, we are treating ourselves to dinner (we have a gift card from Christmas) to celebrate six months until the wedding and three (!) years together. We started dating in February, and became official sometime in early March (not sure when?), so this is good enough.

I am meeting Jill bright and early (7:15!) to go for a run, and since we have a 16-miler on the agenda, we will tackle the first half solo, and pick up the rest of the group for the second. Yikes!

Sunday will be full of a few of the necessary things: work, errands, work, cleaning, crying, how is it Sunday already?

I have to go for an EEG next Friday and I am sort of nervous.

P.S. I had a dream the other night that it took me 53 minutes to run the first five miles of the Pittsburgh Marathon and then I got lost.

P.P.S. At first I saw white and gold, and now I see black and blue AND WHAT THE HELL I WENT TO GET THE LINK AND NOW I SEE WHITE AND GOLD. WHAT IS IT.

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Maybe we make a deal, maybe together we can get somewhere

26 degrees today! 26 degrees today! It was like a heatwave.

I had a nice run this morning, I didn’t fall or anything. And there was a little bit of light when I finished. It was great.

Yesterday morning, I was talking to my coworker and she mentioned she started going to the chiropractor. This inspired me to make an appointment with mine,  because I haven’t gone, oh, in a year and a half? I managed to get an appointment for yesterday after work, but I  had to wait 25 minutes in the waiting room, which irked me. But, wow, was it worth the five minutes I spent with him. He told me my neck “was all jacked.” He was cracking thing and twisting things and even picked me up at one point. Holy hell, it felt so good. Worth the $20 copay.

Thanks friend

Thanks friend

Tim has a work basketball game tonight and if it wasn’t such a hike, I’d totally attend because that will be hilarious.  I thought about organizing a happy hour, but then I got lazy and realized I could read my book and have a cocktail for free in my bed instead. For someone who loves running so much, I sure can be delightfully lazy.

I kept thinking it was Thursday all day yesterday, so I am relieved it is finally here.

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Give me something that I need, satisfaction guaranteed

Real feel of 10 degrees out this morning! YES! Then, literally two blocks from my house, this happens:


It’s really hard to take a picture of your knee, but I went down, hard.

Then, I started crying because I always cry when I fall because a) I am a baby b) it really knocks the wind out of me c) it hurts. I have no idea why I fall all the time.

Regardless, I am in a good mood because I wasn’t on the treadmill this morning. Ten degrees really didn’t feel too bad, I think maybe I can go a little lower. I just worry because last time I went out when it was a little colder, I fainted and ended up in the ER and I am unsure if they are related.

Or perhaps I am having seizures. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Happy Wednesday! This week feels long and slow, probably because, as I mentioned yesterday, I keep thinking March automatically means flowers blooming and shorts and flip flops and birds chirping and sunrises and no treadmills.

A girl can dream.

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Heaven knows it’s high time

One degree out this morning.



Sad news, my favorite treadmill has a giant “Broken: Do not use” sign on it. I was going to take a photo, and then I realized how strange that was, so I did not. I hopped on the treadmill next to it and found out the hard way that the “lower speed” button did not work. I am really starting to struggle with the treadmill. I knew I’d hit my mental break eventually, I only have so many treadmill runs a season in me. Last year, I hit it during a blizzard, so hopefully that doesn’t happen again.

It’s funny, I keep thinking with next week being March and  all (and um, six months until my wedding, what the heck?), that warmer weather is going to magically appear with the flip of a calendar.

Unreleated, but I now have four weather apps on my phone. Accuweather isn’t my favorite anymore because I found it extremely optimistic, and I don’t know how it could be 5 degrees out with a real feel of 15 when it’s  5:30 a.m. and pitch black out in the middle of winter.

Last night, Tim and I skipped the yoga studio (He had forgotten his gym bag) and just did vinyassa flow at home. I didn’t mind it, but I felt like it was a little bit easier than our studio class.

Yesterday, I had to get more blood work done. My doctor saw the paperwork from my little ER visit last month, and was not happy. She is sending me to see a neurologist as well.  Apparently, I need another head doctor. Oh and apparently, I also may have had seizure when I had my little slip and fall. I bet my insurance company loves me.


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One more day up in the canyon

This weekend was pretty awesome.

On Friday, Tim and I hosted his two friends from law school, along with their wives, for some drinks and light refreshments.


I enjoyed a balanced dinner of almond crackers, cheese and wine. Conversation was great, and I managed to stay up until 9:30, which was pretty impressive.

On Saturday morning, I was so happy to wake up to a temperature and real feel of 10 degrees. I had really thought I was going to have to treadmill run, so I was delightfully thrilled to be outside. Sure, it was cold, but it wasn’t unbearable. There was nothing remarkable about this run, I was just happy to breathe fresh air and move my legs.

After lunch, Tim and I headed over to Cass’ and Lindsey’s for Sloane’s birthday pre-bus party. Lots of snacks and wine were consumed and by 2 p.m., we were on the party bus. Can I just say I love party buses? What is more fun than consuming alcohol in the middle of the day while riding around on  a bus? The answer is nothing.




We had originally planned to go to three wineries, but because it was snowing pretty hard, one of the wineries closed early, so we only made it two. I still had a total blast, regardless if I was sipping wine in a basement, drinking cider on a bus or dancing in the aisle.

After the wineries, our bus driver Deb (or Debbie does Dallas) dropped us off at McGrath’s, where Tim and I stayed for a round before leaving because *someone* (shifty eyes) was hungry. It was my own fault, I did eat breakfast and lunch, but I should have packed better snacks instead of almond crackers and cheese. Which I did eat a lot of. Apparently, we missed a power hour after the bar, so I am pretty glad we left. I do not think I would be coherent right now had I done that. I am old.

I ended up sleeping 11 hours from Saturday to Sunday, and I swear I could have slept five more. Alas, I did not. I joined four other members of the running club for the group run. This was stupid because nothing was plowed on the route and instead of switching routes, we just trudged through. It took me 47:32 to run five miles…. which is about 10 minutes longer than it normally takes me.  After we had all finished, one guy said that was one of the toughest runs he has ever done. “It was like running with weights on your feet!” The snow was so heavy and you were essentially just running through several inches. It was rough.

Anyway, I bid farewell, ditched my then-unhelpful YakTrak and finished my run on the roads.


I was really “meh” about going back out, but once I was out there, it was awesome. Running is the best.

After 15 miles,  I took a shower and then crawled into bed with my book. It’s my favorite post-long run treat.

I spent Sunday doing work and cooking and all sorts of fun things. It was so beautiful out in the afternoon. With temperatures in the 40s, I was craving to go run again. Instead, I settled for a walk to see Cass and pick up my scarf she accidentally stole during the wine tour. I tried to read outside, but 40 is apparently not warm enough for that, even though #yolo.

I don’t know how it’s Monday already, but apparently, my body does not appreciate a diet of carbs, cheese and wine only. Back on the wagon.

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So long ago, I don’t remember when



Tonight, Timothy and I are entertaining some of his friends from law school at our home. Hopefully, he has cleaned and prepped some food because I certainly have not. Also, it is 58 degrees in here as of 7:33 a.m. Ah, the benefits of renting a 100+ year old home.

Tomorrow may be a treadmill day, but I am crossing my fingers and toes that I get to go outside. PUHLEEZ Mother Nature. I need fresh air. I forget what it’s like to run on pavement!

Then, it’s time to spend the day wine tasting for my friend Sloane’s 30th birthday. We will be departing at 1:30 and hitting a bunch of wineries before heading home around 6 p.m., you know, my bed time. I am really excited, because day drinking is my favorite.

Sunday will hopefully be an outdoors run, maybe with some company? Then Tim and I need to add some things to our registry. Right now, we have about 12 things on there, including a tent, because Tim said “we may go camping.” I tried to add running stuff, but Tim said no, and I thought that was pretty rude.

Does anyone have any suggestions for things to add to wedding registries? Merci.

Welp, my hands are frozen. Have a good weekend!


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