But you can’t buy a soul that never launched


Tomorrow, I am meeting Jill & Jim at SIX A.M. to go running. I must really like them. Or running. After that, Tim and I are NYC-bound. We have a wedding Sunday night (Tim’s brother-in-law’s brother.. yeah), so we are going to spend two nights there. I haven’t been to the city in so long, so I am really excited. I looked for races, but couldn’t find any. Oh well, hopefully, I can make my way to Central Park without getting totally lost and get some miles in.

Last night, we met with our DJ for the first time. We interviewed him via phone a while ago, but it was nice to actually meet him. He seems really great, so hopefully, we will get some sweet tunes come August 29.

Speaking of, 99 days until! We are in the double digits. I just want it to be here, so people stop asking me about colors and flowers. party

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And I’m a fat cat getting away with anything

This morning’s weather is perfect. Cool, crisp, overcast with a drizzle. I had one of those runs in which everything just clicked.  I love these mornings.

Last night, I lifted weights (that’s twice this week, whoo-hoo), and then watched the two-hour series finale of The Following. I am so sad it’s over. Yes, it could be totally ridiculous sometimes, but I really loved it. It’s one of the few shows I have ever stuck with through the end.

THE FOLLOWING: Mike (Shawn Ashmore, L), Ryan Hardy (Kevin Bacon, C) and Max (Jessica Stroup, R) return with a special, two-hour premiere Monday, March 2 (8:00-9:00/9?00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. ©2015 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Christopher Fragapane/FOX

Anyway, today at work, we have a staff meeting, and we have to discuss our most embarrassing moment and what we learned from it in front of everyone.  Firstly, I think I blacked out 90 percent of them. The other 10 percent that have leaked through to my brain are not appropriate for a staff meeting and the lesson is something like “Don’t do shots.” Oy.

I am back to drinking green protein shakes everyday (spinach, half a banana, handful of berries and protein powder). It makes me feel as if maybe I am a little healthier. Why can’t chips and salsa be healthy? By the way, my mom always has this great peach salsa from Newman’s when I am there, and she gave me a jar last time I was home. IT IS SO GOOD. I want to eat it with a spoon, and that’s saying a lot, because I really only like the juice in salsa. I am weird, I know.

Tonight, Tim and I are meeting with our DJ. He can’t meet until 7 and we are meeting a half hour away. I guess I will have to take a nap beforehand, because 7 is usually when I am in bed reading.

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I got the velocity and all I need now is the mass

Happy election day! Like the last few elections, I went out for a run, then picked Tim up to run to the polls. It’s only a few blocks from our house, and I prefer to go first thing in the morning. I was voter #3 today!


It was like this time we ran a 5K together and Tim was unhappy more of the time. Probably because he doesn’t really run and I was yelling at him to “pick it UP.” I didn’t yell at him to pick it up today though.

In my hometown, my dad isn’t running this year (thank god!). He’s done after three terms as mayor, and two terms before that on council and I couldn’t be happier. I did love election night when he was running though. It was always SO exciting… especially because he usually won (except once when he ran for something else and it was ugly.).
As I mentioned the other day, I have pretty much only been listening to Third Eye Blind and then, I had a very inappropriate dream about Stephen Jenkins on Sunday night. That is all.
My legs are definitely still a little sore from my massage on Sunday, and I lifted weights last night, so today’s run was kind of blah. Oh well, it’s done and nothing hurts, so let’s count it as a win.

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I saw the future once, I was drunk in a phone booth


This weekend was excellent. On Friday morning, I decided to register for the 10K Saturday morning. I knew I would be running there anyway, so why not pay someone to do it? I kid, I kid. I knew I’d run harder if I was in a race (duh).

Anyway, rewind to Friday night. Liz and I met Shelley and Nadya for drinks at Anthony’s. Tim eventually joined, and then he and I headed home around 6:30. We ate dinner, watched some Parks and Rec (season seven is on hulu plus, so we are paying for it for a month) and then I got ready for bed. However, my landlord texted us to come out (sounds weird, but it’s not), so we rallied and went to the brewery to meet him for a round… fine, two. I was sound asleep by 10.

On Saturday morning, I got up to do a warm up run. My legs felt AWFUL, so heavy and lethargic. I started to get anxious about the run, and briefly considered bailing. However, I just dropped $28 on it, so I might as well go make an effort.

I knew a few people there, so I hung around the start, and at 9 a.m., we were off. I went out WAY too fast, logging my first mile in 6:50… oops! I was the first female and didn’t see any other girls near me at the turn around. I reeled it in a bit, and focused on the guys in front of me. There were about six, and I managed to pick two of them off by the end… only to get passed in the last quarter-mile. Oh well. I ran the race pretty hard, I really wanted to PR. Unfortunately, the course ended up being about a quarter mile short. I finished in 42:23, which would have been a huge PR, had it been legit. I was first female and fifth overall. I won a medal, a $100 gift card to Sheetz and they told me they would mail me a plaque! That was well worth $28.


I was happy. It’s really a good feeling to win!

After that, Tim and I ran a few errands, including a pit stop at J. Crew, where we both left with some much-needed things. We made sweet potato crust pizza and spent the night stuffing our wedding invitations. That took much longer than I had anticipated. We plan to send them out later this month!

On Sunday, I woke up with sore legs! I was pretty surprised, because I didn’t feel like I raced that fast. I ran over to meet Jill, Mike, Crawford and Jim, and I was hurting. Our normal pace felt hard. I am grateful I was with them, because it forced me to not give up and stick with them. It was a humid run, but luckily, it started raining with about two miles left. It was much-appreciated.

I didn’t feel so hot when I got home, very achy and tired, so I laid around for a while, then Tim and I went to an open house. We liked the place, but the ceilings were just a bit too low for my husband-to-be. After that, I finally cashed in on the groupon he bought me for Valentine’s Day. The 90-minute massage was a little short, but she told me my right hip is inflamed, which of course, sent me in a panic. I had a stress fracture there in 2012, and I constantly think its coming back. She also said my right IT band is “very tight,” and ow, I can feel it this morning, it’s very sore. She also said I should get weekly massages. Ha. I wish.

Post-massage, Tim and I met Nadya and Liz for drinks at the Millworks and then stopped by Shady’s. It was a nice Sunday.

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I keep burning on and on and on

This is the last free weekend until JULY, so I am trying to soak that all in. I am tired just thinking about it… but most weekends are filled with something awesome.

Tonight, I am grabbing a drink or two with Liz. Tomorrow, I hope to run, then Tim and I are spending the day stuffing wedding envelopes (if he is able to get the right stamps). FUN! We send them out later this month, and I am really looking forward to getting the RSVPs back. Please, don’t everyone come… okay, really just the people we don’t know who are parents insisted we invite.
Sunday is another run (hopefully), followed by some cleaning and working. You know, the typical Sunday around these parts.
Every day at work (well when the weather is appropriate), we are encouraged to take a walking break around the parking lot at 11 and 3. It is awesome. I didn’t think it would make much of a difference, but I look forward to the sunshine and fresh air.
Alright, Friday, let’s do this.

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So what’s it gonna be? Are you real to me?

I have pretty much only been listening to Third Eye Blind for the past week. I am so excited to see them next month. I briefly considered not going due to, er, circumstances, but Sloane is coming now. I am so, so, so pumped. “Bonfire,” “Non-Dairy Creamer” and “Everything Is Easy” are my current jams, but it changes frequently.

From a show in September

From a show in September

Last night, Tim and I swung by Sara’s happy hour. I had some kind of fancy pomegranate drink and a club soda with flavored vodka. I tried to be on good behavior. I also got to hang out with Liz and Sloane, which is always a pleasure. The pizza looked delicious, and I am thinking maybe I should just start eating gluten again. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The humidity has been replaced by wind the past two days. I hate wind, but at least I am not drowning in my own sweat after two miles. Today was the first time since Pittsburgh that my legs started feeling like my legs again. They are definitely still fatigued, but I was able to pick it up a bit. If there is someone running ahead of me, I will try to catch them. It’s the competitiveness in me, I can’t help it. I don’t always get them, but today I caught him. I think I bruised his ego a bit, he tried to re-pass me, but no go. I thought about doing a 5K tonight, but I just don’t feel like my legs are quite there yet. There is a 10K on Saturday morning I have my eye on, but that will be a game-time decision. I *think* I could run a non-embarassing race, but I don’t want to push my legs too much too soon. I have the rest of my life to run races. Hopefully.

Well, it’s almost Friday. This week has felt really long for some reason. I’m not going to lie, Slate’s Dear Prudence is something that helps me through the week. I look forward to it Monday afternoons and Tuesday and Thursday mornings. It’s the little things.


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Lightning comes and lightning goes and it’s all the same to me

Helllllo. And a happy Tuesday to you.

Yesterday, I lifted (in my living room) for the first time in 2.5 weeks. My legs felt like absolute lead this morning. Between that and the humidity and my allergies, I was the lone rider on the struggle bus during my run this morning. WOOF. I hope everything feels better by tomorrow.

Over the weekend, Tim and I finished the last episode of Parks and Rec on Netflix. We still have the last season (seventh) to watch, but its not available yet. The last episode of season six was by far my favorite, so I don’t know how they could possibly top that. But I have hope. In other television news, The Following was canceled. I am so disappointed! I have to admit I am not surprised, but I am sad. I love that show. Other than that, we watched Game of Thrones last night. I have to admit, I think it’s slightly slow this season.
That’s all the TV I watch! I think it sounds like much more than it is? Tim and I usually just watch an episode of something while we eat, and that’s really it.
This is a pretty busy week, which I sort of hate. My favorite part of the day is my morning run, followed closely by the hours unwinding after work.
Here’s a picture of my sports bra tan line from two weeks ago. Imagine how much better it is after a marathon in the sun.


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