There are places I’ll remember all my life, though some have changed


The good? We are married! There were no major problems!

The bad? I did something to my knee and am in extreme pain. I can barely walk, let alone run, so you can imagine how that is going. I wake up in the middle of the night in pain. It’s great.

I will try and be brief.


On Thursday, I got up to go for a run. It was fine for the first few miles, but then my knee started to really hurt. I stumbled home, iced it and realized it was so bad, I could barely walk. My parents got to town around 9 a.m., and the first thing my mom said was “Why are you limping?” I started crying because she and I had planned to go for a little run and I was really excited for it. Instead, we went for a slow walk, while the boys went golfing. Once we finished our slow trot, we ran one million errands, and then met my dad, Tim and my old boss for a late lunch. Tim and I took a much-needed nap when we got back, and then we took my parents for a round at the brewery before walking to The Millworks for dinner with some of Tim’s family. And by walking, I mean I was severely, severely limping. Regardless, dinner and drinks were great, and we were home before 9.


I begrudgingly dug out my swimsuit and cap and went to the pool.  It was boring and I was sad. Tim’s best man, Joe, is a chiropractor and he came over and worked on my knee before they all went golfing. He thinks it is just really inflamed and is nothing serious. After they left, my mom and I went to go get massages, then we limped around like chickens with our heads cut off trying to get stuff done. The girls and I had nail appointments at 1:30 and we were there until 4 p.m., which was slightly stressful because the rehearsal began at 4:30. So, everyone was late for the rehearsal, but that’s okay. We enjoyed a nice dinner together after the church, then retreated back to the hotel bar, where I tackled my college roommate Lindsey. We haven’t seen each other in four years, so it was so nice to reunite.



I woke up and my knee was still really, really bad, so I started crying. I cried all the way to the pool. It’s stupid, but all I wanted to do was run on my wedding day. I was so sad, and missed my running friends. After my swim, I sadly walked home and tried to get myself together. Once all the girls arrived and we started doing hair and makeup, time started flying. We had mimosas, and then Amy, Jill and I tried to go to my favorite dive bar for shots, but they were not open at 11:30 a.m. RUDE.

After hair and makeup, we got changed and hopped in the limo for the ceremony. I was surprisingly really nervous. I think it’s because I hate having that much attention on me. Anyway, the ceremony was very quick and to the point, then we all crammed in the limo, had some drinks and took some pictures.

The cocktail hour began at 5, and the rest of the night is a blur of drinking, dancing, eating, smiling and taking a million pictures. It was really the perfect night, and we are so lucky to have 200 of our closest friends and family there.

I even stayed up at the hotel bar until 2 a.m. eating pizza with my best friends from high school. Well, most of them ;-)

10500309_1059966617361651_4872968725758610911_n 11236433_10153690093261435_550477153112191028_n 11898575_10100645448797835_305534764536737294_n 11898651_902493868324_8493165986941421750_n 11918926_10156096491875121_8931261078948072383_n 11947582_902419018324_4699242198769013108_n 11951804_10205125671529119_6454111146887975567_n 11954776_1059966654028314_792339770974709270_n


On Sunday, I still woke up before 7 a.m. I think something is wrong with me. I went to the hotel gym for a little bit, then we had to get ready for our breakfast. It was nice to be able to see everyone again, but holy hell, I just wanted to go home. Once we finally got packed up and unloaded, we opened some leftover booze from the wedding and sat and opened our gifts. It was perfect. Then, we went for a walk. Well, a limp.


Sleep in, pool, errands, errands, errands. Then, crash. Haha. It was the perfect weekend, minus my knee. I am going to the orthopedic doctor first thing this morning. I am nervous. I can’t take this anymore. Also, I don’t have time to proofread this because my appointment is at 7:45. Hopefully, there aren’t too many errors.

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Yesterday, there was a ton of stupid wedding drama to deal with it and by 3 p.m., I was ready to scream or cry or take a nap. I am just over it. I wish I could tell everyone to stop bothering me with stuff and just make a decision. One of the hair stylists said she wouldn’t do a fourth person’s hair even though she had been scheduled to for months, so that was a bit of a scramble, but it has been taken care of. Then, my father… well, he means well. He does.

I decided to work from home today, which means I got to sleep in a little since I don’t need to get ready or commute. I ran a few miles, then met Jim for a little over eight miles. It was a nice run.

After work today, I have a thousand things to cross off the to-do list. My parents come tomorrow morning, and my mom and I are going to go for a short run and then pick up my dress.

I can’t believe this is in three days. Ah.

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Wild, wild horses, couldn’t drag me away

Just a normal Monday in the weight room.

5 x 45
5 x 55
5 x 65
5 x 75 x 3

5 x 85
3 x 115
3 x 135
5 x 160

Lat Pulls
10 x 70 x 3

Dumbbell Rows
9 x 35 x 3

…followed by some lunchtime spin.

TWO more days of work, I can do it. I really, really feel worn out. I know I need sleep and I need to stop being so stressed out, but alas, just because I KNOW it doesn’t mean its working. I just feel overwhelmed.

Last night, we had our final call with our DJ. He seems to know what he is doing. Hopefully.

This morning brought 11 miles, ten of my favorite route with Bob. The best part of this run is finally climbing to the top, getting a water refill and then running two downhill or flat miles home. And I wasn’t worried about the wedding once.

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And I said, why can’t you be like an art house foreign movie?

I always feel like I should start weekend roundup posts with the most exciting thing that happened, but then I am all out of sorts explaining the rest of the weekend, so chronological, it is!

On Friday, I ran down to the Y and picked up Sara’s and my race bibs and sweet t-shirts. We met in a parking lot, did a one-mile warm-up and then hung around the start for a long time, because I insist on being overly early to everything. It was a beautiful night, with low humidity. They had a great turnout. It was so weird to be running at night, but as I said to Sara, this is way better than happy hour.

The race started at 7, and the crowd took off. I don’t have a strong kick at the start, but I settled in and started picking people off. I checked my watch a few times, and kept seeing miles in the six-minute range, which I know was dumb, but I felt good. First mile was 6:44. I pulled in the reigns, and settled in a 7:05-7:15 pace. I kept trying to pick people off, which distracted me. Second mile was 7:11. The third mile, I started to get bored, especially because I  knew we were about to hit the turnaround, and I knew I’d be in a better place mentally running toward the finish line, as opposed to away from it. I was very happy to see my friend Gary directing traffic at the turnaround. It’s always great to see a friendly face on the course.

I hit the third mile at 7:10, and still felt good. I was playing a lot of mental games, cause dang, I hate running short races. I often do a lot of math, trying to figure if I slow down to X pace, what will I finish in? Once we passed the governor’s mansion, I knew I only had a mile left, and I was really on my home turf. A guy passed me at this point, but I think that was the only time I got passed after everyone had settled in around the half mile.

Mile 4 was 7:07, and I gunned it towards the finish, reminding myself it was only a third of a mile. This last past was run at slightly under a 7-minute pace, and I crossed the finish line in 30:25. I was happy with this race. I ran hard and felt strong. I have to stop comparing 2012 Kelly to 2015 Kelly, because 2012 Kelly was doing too much high-intensity exercise and spent all of 2013 and half of 2014 recovering.

ANYWAY, I was fourth female, first in age group and 18th overall. I got a sweet trophy, and guess what? I am the state champion for women ages 25-29 in the 7K. That’s a mouthful.


Post-race, Sara, my friend Tim (pictured above), and Tim’s brother grabbed drinks and popcorn at Shady’s. I bailed after a while because I was beyond hitting the wall. I climbed into bed at 10:30.

That 5 a.m. sure was ugly, and I made a PLETHORA of rookie mistakes on Saturday morning. I didn’t eat before the run, I didn’t really eat the night before, and I had run hard late the night before. The first nine miles were fine, my stomach was a little off and running felt hard, but I knew my legs just needed to move to get ready of the soreness. We stopped after nine miles to swap Jim for Colin, and for me to get changed. I started to feel really off. I ate a larabar and drank a ton of poweraide zero, but I just didn’t feel right. My stomach really hurt, but I told myself 4.5 out, 4.5 back, done. About two miles in, I got a terrible side stitch and had to stop and then I threw up what I had just consumed. Great. We made it to the turnaround, and I was playing literally every mental game I could think of. I had totally stopped participating in the conversation. Around mile 15, I knew I just needed to stop and take a break. I told them to go on without me, since I just had to run back on the trail to get the car. I sat down for about ten minutes, felt really woozy and dizzy and kept getting really cold, despite the fact that it’s August. I finally got up and ran the 3 miles back, very slowly.

So, that was dumb of me to try and run 18 on Saturday. 15 would have been fine, but 18 was just a tad too much. I wasn’t properly fueled or rested for that.

I was pretty much a waste of life for part of Saturday. I ran some errands, then Tim and I went to cider fest and hung out there for a bit. It was fun to sample a bunch of ciders, but I think they needed more vendors. Then, I laid on the couch for something like two hours reading my book. I think my body just really needed a break. On Saturday night, we went to Staples, because we are really cool, and we got the seating chart printed. It was less of a headache than I had anticipated, and more of one then Tim expected, but it’s done. We watched some old episodes of the Office (since we can’t find season 2 of the Blacklist anywhere :(), ate dinner and I went to bed at 8:30.

I slept in until 6:15! It was wonderful, I met the gang for some easy miles (I was very happy that no one else felt like running fast), then Tim and I ran one million errands and scrubbed the house because the wedding is, like, soon. We also made a bunch of homemade sauce because it is amazing and why not destroy the kitchen when we have nine million other things to do?

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I miss the sand on the concrete floor

Last night, Tim and I met a bunch of my coworkers for happy hour to celebrate our upcoming nuptials. It was a fun night, and I am grateful to work in such a great environment with good people. This time last year, I was SO unhappy in my job, it’s nice to be on the other end of the spectrum.

I barely slept last night because I am so stressed out. What am I so stressed about? Pretty much everything. I keep having nightmares, then I just stare at the ceiling thinking about crazy situations that will never happen. It’s quite productive.


Regardless, I stayed in bed a little longer this morning (5:20. OH YEAH!), then went out for a few miles. The humidity was a little lower than it has been, and it made such a difference. I really enjoyed this run. I zoned out, and just felt good. Tonight, Sara B and I are running a 7K because for some reason, I thought it was a good idea. Anyway, afterward, we are grabbing a beverage. Then, right to bed because I have an early alarm for Saturday morning.

Jill has 18 miles on the agenda, so I will be joining her, along with various members of our very elite running group throughout the run. After that, Tim and I are going to a cider fest (Thanks to Sara!), and we also need to go to Staples to get our seating chart printed. Side Note: We have about four random open seats, and I wish it wasn’t really tacky to ask someone to come since it’s already paid for and will go to waste. Like, just show up, eat dinner with some random people and then party with us!

Sunday is another group run (yay!), followed by a day of wedding stuff, because holy crap, this is really coming.

Real life?

Real life?

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Label owners hate me I’m raisin’ the status quo up

We are down to the single digits, people. Nine days. What is done? What is left to do? Who knows?

That being said, last night was spent cutting and framing table numbers (we are almost done!), followed by the first season finale of the Blacklist, and then some reading. I have really been neglecting my books lately, so I scheduled in some reading time. It was delightful. Bed by 8, thank you very much.

This morning, I got to sleep in past 5, which was AMAZING. I am mixing up my schedule, since I stupidly signed up for a 7K tomorrow night. So, today, I walked to the Y and went to a great spinning class, and I will lift at lunch and run tomorrow. It poured rain on me the whole way home, but it’s been so humid, the rain felt good.

Tonight, my office is doing happy hour for me, which is very nice. Then, more table numbers! This weekend accidentally got pretty busy, so here is hoping we somehow get everything done.


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She always wears blue

With ten days to go until the wedding (wait, what?), things are pretty stressful around these parts. I am a bit frazzled, to say the least. I am trying to get ahead at work, so I am not totally slammed when I get back, but dang, it’s hard to do. It’s like one step forward, two steps back. I really can’t stay late either because I am trying to do wedding stuff when I get home from work, so I am just really worn out. Plus, I go to bed at 7:45. Sorry not sorry.

OBVIOUSLY, I am still running and getting up pre-dawn to do so, because it is the only thing that keeps me sane. However, this morning was really rough. 75 degrees, 80 percent humidity and a dew point of 68 before 5 a.m. I beat myself up for half the run, then I said F it, you’re out here, it’s like trying to breathe through a straw, there is literally sweat dripping down every square inch of skin, just go. Just run and ignore the negative thoughts. If you have to stop and catch your breath, then stop and catch your breath. NO ONE KNOWS BUT YOU SO LET IT GO. I hate that I do this to myself. I don’t know how I ever ran with a watch.
Anyway, I am tired, but I am really looking forward to this weekend, and to next weekend. This is all so very surreal.

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