Scotty doesn’t know

“Hey, when we set the date, I will be SO relaxed.”


Now, the stress is all about a) cutting the guest list b) the caterer. The guest list is at more than 200 people, which is both ridiculous and insane. And also, totally out of budget. We’ve been cutting left and right. I am sad about some of the people I’ve had to cut, and I feel bad, but it has to be done. I also have way more friends on there than Tim does, and I feel incredibly selfish. It’s hard to cut people who were once really important to you and/or whom you really like, but we just can’t. We both have huge families, which is awesome, but its just a lot of people.
As for the caterer, we have three meetings next week. I wish we could just do everything from the comfort of my couch or bed. And honestly, I am NOT a foodie by any means, so I don’t really care. Just as long as its good and people don’t talk about how awful it is for months after.
Sorry, I don’t mean to whine. I am just feeling a little burned out, admittedly, not just from wedding stuff but from running and my endless cycle to find balance between fun and losing weight.
Oh! Speaking of losing weight…photographers…. we keep talking about how terrible our engagement pictures will be because we are both SO awkward. Fortunately, we have had several photographers highly recommended to us, so hopefully they can, uh, work some magic.
Seriously, after the caterer and photographer are booked, I will be soooooo relaxed.

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Did you cash in all your dreams?

I survived my first week of work! And they even took me to lunch to “welcome” me. Hey, thanks. After work on Friday, Tim and I went to go see Gone Girl. I really liked it, and Tim said he did as well, but I did think it was a tad too long. Movies that are 90 minutes are my jam. Movies that are two hours make me cringe. Movies that are more than two hours are usually no-gos, but I made an exception this one time since I read the book. I stayed awake the whole movie and only peed three times, so I left feeling real smug. We didn’t get home until 9, so we just had a few pumpkin beers and went to bed. On Saturday, I made some major rookie mistakes (or as my journalism professor would say, “fatal errors.”) First, I knew I should probably run a 20-miler. I did one 19-miler and about 157 18-milers and a bunch of 16 and 15 milers, but something about that the 20-miler… I felt like I needed to do it. So, off I went. Not feeling too confident. Sorry, but 20 miles is fucking far. Then, I accidentally spent the first four miles of my run trying to dodge literally thousands of people who were participating in a breast cancer walk. This was exhausting, and I wasted SO much energy weaving in and out of people and saying “On your left.”  I ran about seven miles and just needed a mental break. I felt very defeated. So, I went home and Tim was about to leave for the market, so I decided to join him. It was really nice to just walk over and wander around and be a normal couple. Sometimes I forget I am crazy, and most normal people spend their mornings doing normal things and not running double-digits. I am really selfish in that regard, and I love running with all my heart, but it did make me sad about how many things I may miss out on. ANYWAY. I got stung by a bee there. What the heck? I haven’t gotten stung by a bee in about two decades… IMG_2557 Hard to see, bu there it is. I whined a bit because it did really hurt, but its fine now. I finally decided to continue my run. At this point, all I had eaten all day was a granola bar (“CHEWY,” as my college roommate, Alex, would say) and a banana. Our genius narrator struggled to figure out why she felt like garbage. For her next trick, she opted to run 6.5 miles away from home and then turn around and run back, so she was not tempted to quit early. LOL. I thought I was going to just fall over at points. I saw a dead deer and screamed SO loud. I felt so tired and weak and hungry. I am such an a-hole. I had nothing on me, and I am way too stubborn to call Tim to pick me up. I pretty much crawled home, ate lunch and spent the rest of the day being totally useless because I had completely depleted everything in my body. I am so smart. For some reason, Tim is a saint, and he basically brought me snacks all day. At one point, I was just eating almond butter from the jar. After eating all the snacks, I started to feel like a human being. Luckily, this was right around the time Sean and Andrew arrived. We drove over to a pizza/beer place and had dinner and a few drinks. We picked up some more pizza for later (clutch) and some six-packs, and went home to watch the game. unnamed I made it to the middle of the third quarter before I Irish exited upstairs to my bedroom. I am glad I missed the end of that game. I don’t think anyone was too happy. On Sunday, I set out for a few easy miles. It was freezing with 15-25 mph winds. I contemplated quitting so many times. My face was numb and running felt so hard. Even when I reached my turnaround, I expected sweet relief. Nope. Still windy. I never understand that. I had planned to go to Tim’s flag football game at noon, but I was just so cold. It took me hours to feel thawed. Not the best weekend of running. I am not feeling too great about this race. If things don’t get better, I am fine with a DNS. I don’t need two terrible marathons this year. One was plenty. We’ll see.

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that’s all she wrote

I know I am in the honeymoon phase, but I am SO SO SO SO happy at my new job. JINX. DOUBLE JINX. I went to a conference yesterday and it was so interesting and I really enjoyed it. And I got paid for it! #nutsstuff

Tonight, Tim and I are finally going to see Gone Girl. I am so excited. I read the book forever ago, and have been dying to see the movie. We’ve just been too busy on weekends and I didn’t want to go during the week because its 2.5 hours long. Hi, no. I will be impressed if I stay awake tonight. Fingers crossed!

Tomorrow, I plan to go for a run and I hope my body works and my stomach cooperates (its been so bad lately… it was well-behaved for so long and now its, like, terrible). After that, I have to run some errands, and then my college friends Sean and Andrew are coming. I AM SO EXCITED. I haven’t seen Andrew in more than a year and he will be deployed all next year (he is in the Coast Guard). I can’t wait to see them. Since Seanie and Tim are such big ND fans, we will be watching the game. I won’t even pretend that I will be able to stay up to go out after. Maybe I can give them my keys.
Sunday will hopefully consist of another run. Then, we are CLEANING THE HOUSE. It is a pigsty. And we have our party in two weeks (UM SO EXCITED. I hope i don’t end up in the hospital again. thanks!). Thats about it.

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and we’ll never be lonely anymore.


We set a date! August 29, 2015.

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I seen the sun comin’ up at the funeral at dawn

Okay, day two survived. Turns out actually working all day is really tiring. And my days are filled with meetings and research and really writing and editing. WOW. Who would have thought? I feel like a real person. It’s so nice, guys. I will get used to this schedule, but I do really miss working out at lunch. It was such a good way to break up the day. Oh well. Also, I am slowly learning to use a mac. Thank God Tim has one and I have had some practice.


As for the wedding nonsense, we are hoping to finalize today or tomorrow. We just need to figure it out with the church. Honestly, it’s a headache and I start to get anxiety just thinking about it. I just want to have the venue and date set and also for everyone to have good time.
Oh, I guess now would be a good time to mention I officially signed up for the marathon after a few drinks on Sunday. Talk about buyers remorse. I am keeping hush about it now… and will be until after. It always happens to me, the next run (or two or three) after I register for a race is (are) always terrible. At least that is what I am hoping after yesterday’s mess. I am scared, I am excited, I am worried. I have felt so slow lately, I know my paces aren’t what they should be. But I also am running a lot of miles a week (for me) and I am clinging to that half marathon PR in September. It was run on much of the same course and I ran that totally untapered. But…… still….. marathons, man. So much can go wrong. I am so scared. But I also had a lot go wrong in Boston and I am still alive. It could still be worse! Ah. F.

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Turn my back on the rot that’s been planning the plot, because I’m gonna

So, my first day of work went well (I think?!). It’s definitely going to be an adjustment. No more seven-mile runs at lunch and you know, actually doing real work all day. I’m really excited though. And I have my own office. It’s been a while since that has happened. The 4:45 a.m. alarm is back for good, sadly. I had a shitty run this morning. It seems as if the run on the day after a non-running/cross-training day, my legs always feel like lead. It was also really humid, my shirt was drenched and clinging to my body after about a mile. When I got home, I drank a ton of powerade zero and I was still down three pounds from before I left.

Anyway, I got my stitch fix last week, so let’s review. Sorry for the selfies, but Tim wasn’t home yet and I was antsy to put on my pajamas. At 5:30 p.m.

Here’s what I got:

Shirt, $54 & Jeans $88

I really liked this shirt when I pulled it out of the box. I wasn’t sure if I liked it as much on, but both Tim and my mom really did. Keep. As for the jeans? They were too snug and I had enormous love handles from them. NOT attractive.

Sweater – $68

(I don’t know why so blurry!)



I liked this initially, but I don’t think the color did anything for me and the sweater felt too baggy to be flattering.

Shirt- $44


I really, really liked this shirt, but for $44, I couldn’t justify it. I would wear it to the grocery store or to a bar.  Not worth $44. (I am sort of having regrets now though. It is super cute.)

Dress- $88


I liked this! But it reminded me so much of this dress:


Tim said not, because one has blue. I disagree.

So…. that’s that. Day 2. Ahh.

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They said she died easy of a broken heart disease

On Friday, I had my last day of work (!) and then I met Liz, Cass and Lauren for beers and we gallivanted around (aka we went to three bars and then home by 9). As always, it was lovely hanging out with everyone.

On Saturday, I slept in. It was so rainy and cold and I finally dragged myself out for a run. The first half sucked. My body was tired, my legs were lead and my stomach was an angry elf. Somehow, the last few miles ended up being awesome. I will never, ever understand my body. I was dancing and singing (in my head) and just felt great.

I ran some errands and then fell into bed reading for a while. Sometimes running takes alot out of me. Tim and I watched the Notre Dame game and put the finishing touches on our collage.


Most of the pictures are from when he proposed, but we had to get a few more printed out to make the frame work. Funnily enough, when I went to pick up the photos, he was not the only Tim Smith that ordered pictures from that Target this week. Another reason to not change my name! We got it figured out though. Obviously.

Anyway, after ND, we walked down to Lindsey’s and Cass’ for their PSU party. We mostly hung out in a corner eating jello shots and chips. We stayed for most of the game, but mostly everyone was going out after and well, we were certainly not.

On Sunday, I had a BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL run (minus one stomach issue).


After that, we went to go look at a venue.

IMG_2521 IMG_2522 IMG_2525 IMG_2527 IMG_2529

I am so beyond caring right now. I don’t know if that makes me a terrible person (probably), but I really just DGAF. I don’t want to look at venues any more. I just want to have a date. and move on.

Anyway, today is the first day at my new job, so wish me luck. I am so nervous!

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