This is the only engagement picture I like because I look like a giant cow in the rest of them.

At least this one is nice.

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I wish I could carry this around and give it to every new person I meet.

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We must run, we must run, we must run


On Friday, Tim and I opened some wine, watched some Netflix/read Runners World (I will let you guess who did what). It was the perfect, low-key evening and exactly what I needed after such a crazy week.

I slept in on Saturday, and then had a delightful run. I called it quits after 16 miles because I had to come home to take care of something. I debated going back out, but I channeled my Dad… “Give it a rest, Kelly.” No need to be logging so many miles with no real races on the horizon. Plus, I was cold and hungry, so my sweatpants won. The great news is that my stomach behaved! I love when that happens.

Tim and I enjoyed some delicious salad and soup for lunch, compliments of my friend Gary, which was a very nice engagement gift. Thanks again, Gary! So thoughtful.

My college roommate Sean came up for the bar crawl, and I think it’s safe to say we all had a good time. From the beginning, we had only planned to do the first half (nine bars) and then call it quits because we had so much to do Sunday. It was really fun!






It’s always good to see old friends, and also complain about wedding planning with other people. No, really, it’s fun! Anyway, we got take out, came home and gorged ourselves and we all fell asleep around 8. So, a good night’s sleep, to say the least!

On Sunday, I met my friend Jill for a run, and it was awesome. I really should run more with others, I just worry about my stomach! Luckily, it behaved and we got in nine very windy miles together. The time flew by. It’s amazing how much you can talk about while running.

Then, Tim and I had our engagement shoot. It was an hour of awkwardness, and we came home, put on our pajamas and made a large tray of homemade nachos. This was after I wanted to cry after seeing how heavy I looked in our pictures. MAJOR LOLZ. At least I am not eating gluten?



We got drinks and dinner (salads are so unfilling for me) and then went to see Elf.


Let’s just say we had to leave at intermission because *someone* kept falling asleep and *allegedly* snoring. SORRY I WAS TIRED.

I did enjoy the small parts I did see! Now, last full week of work for a while. Whoohoo!


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I miss the sand on the concrete floor

I am SO happy to be home.


Minus that….

Next time you ask me why I don’t want kids or a pet, well, that’s why. Back story for the 12 people who lurk my blog: Tim’s mom travels for work, so we often watch her dog. I dislike the dog because he is quite rambunctious, however, I have allowed him to stay in our home. Yet, after nearly a year living here, the dog still destroys the trash, shits in the house and acts like a giant asshole. So, after spending four days at a work conference, and coming home to this, I had a minor meltdown and declared NO MORE DOG. So sorry, SO NOT MY PROBLEM ANYMORE.

Anyway, I have no idea where I last left off, but I think it was sometime Wednesday. I spent the day at the conference, and spent the night alone at the hotel bar. I just needed some solo time. It was awesome, and I hope no one questions my tab. So sorry, so totally my problem.

Yesterday, I ran ten miles on the hotel treadmill. This one was tough. I had made a poor decision to eat three small pieces of pita bread the night before and I was violently ill for most of the morning. I have been very good about avoiding gluten,  but I was so, so, so hungry and so, so, so tired and so I thought #yolo. For all my talk of not feeling better sans gluten, I certainly felt a hell of a lot worse with it.

Anyway, I ran ten miles, even though I kept telling myself I could quit after seven. I guess I really liked seeing myself run around a track 40 times.

Then, I got crowned Miss America.




When you go near the statue, it plays music, which was terrifying and unexpected.

So, then, we drove back and I went to work for about an hour and then decided I was way too unproductive, so I ran a few errands, ate a lot of spaghetti squash, and came home to do laundry and housework.

The good news is THAT IT IS FRIDAY ALREADY! Ah…. the benefits of a work conference. Tonight, Tim and I have zero plans, I am so happy. Tomorrow, I hope to run and grocery shop, and then its ugly Christmas sweater bar crawl. My friend Sean is coming too, I am so excited.

Five years ago... BABIES!

Six years ago… BABIES!

Sunday is a run with my friend Jill (not my bff/bridesmaid), and then our engagement pictures. Pause for laughter. Then, we are going to see Elf at the theater! I just hope I can stay awake.


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Sleep, don’t weep

HELLO from Atlantic City.



Just kidding. The real feel here is in the 20s. The winds are totally insane. It’s funny, a few of my coworkers told me AC was “really, really windy” this time of year and I laughed them off. HAHA I RUN IN ANYTHING. Incorrect. It’s insane. You feel like your face is going to be ripped from your body.

Anyway. It’s been a hectic few days. On Monday morning, I went to spin class, and then hitched a ride here with two co-workers. We arrived in town around noon, checked in and grabbed lunch at the hotel restaurant.  I had a subpar salad and some fries from my coworker because I was starving. We spent the afternoon working at the convention, before regrouping and heading to Phillips, where I had mashed potatoes and asparagus. Being a gluten-free vegetarian is really not helpful when dining out. LUCKILY, I packed a box of Almond Thins and some rice cakes, but those are all gone now. Sad.

I had big plans to run outside here, then I realized I was being an idiot. The weather is awful, the wind is terrible, I have to go at 5 a.m., it’s pitch black out, I am not in the safest area and I am totally unfamiliar with the city.  So, yesterday,  I ran seven miles on the treadmill. Most people know I HATE the treadmill with every fiber of my soul, but dare I say… it wasn’t the worst thing? Maybe because it was before I was really awake? Maybe I subconsciously realized this was my only option if I wanted to run? The TV on the treadmill was broken (and only two treadmills in the fitness center work), so instead, I watched a red dot (me) travel around a virtual track the entire time. And it was sort of entertaining? I don’t know what that says about my intelligence. I also did a traveling WOD with some of my coworkers. Six rounds for time: 10 pushups, 10 squats, 10 situps. I finished in right around six minutes (I modified the pushups). It was fun, and I do miss crossfit sometimes!

Anyway, I worked all day yesterday, and I was so, so, so tired by the end of the day. My back hurt from lugging my laptop around, my eyes were tired from reading all day, and I was just beat. I laid down for an hour and then joined some coworkers for dinner, which was really fun. I am so thankful that I am included in things!

However, I had to decline their invite to go out after dinner. It was already almost 10 p.m., and I have to get up at 4:30 a.m. if I want to get a decent amount of miles in, and this kid is used to nine hours of sleep at night.

Today, I did ten miles on the treadmill. I take a break every half hour, just for my brain, and I play with the speed a lot. I thought it would be a lot worse, and I always tell myself I can stop or do the elliptical or something, but I just kept going, watching that dot travel around the track, 40 times.

It’s been another long day and I can’t wait to sit at the bar and eat french fries for dinner and read a book.

And I am really looking forward to going home tomorrow. I miss my bed, I miss my food, I miss Tim, I miss my house, I miss my running routes.

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Its a good idea, break a promise to your mother

I had such a great weekend! Now, it’s off to AC for a few days of fun in the sun of conferencing.

Before I hit the road, let’s recap. On Friday, as mentioned, Tim and I met my friends from the gym for drinks, which was really fun. I laughed so much.  Then, we watched Christmas Vacation.


I even stayed awake for the whole thing. I am so proud.

On Saturday, I had such a great run (minus my stomach, which was awful). My legs felt good, the weather was just right and the miles just ticked away (minus my stomach problems). I love runs like that (minus the stomach).  After I picked up some groceries, we got on the road, and listened to Serial the whole time, which made the trip fly by. We got to my parents’, ate a late lunch and got ready for the pub crawl.

The pub crawl was so much fun. It was a great success, and I am so proud of my mom for raising money for good, local charities.  As an added bonus, my best friend Amy was in town visiting her family and she met up with us for a little. It was SO good to see her and I hugged her goodbye so hard. I miss her like crazy.

IMG_2824 IMG_2825 IMG_2827


Anyway, such a fun night, I laughed so much, my face hurts. So much love for everyone in my life, really.

On Sunday, we all slept in, and then I went for a lovely run into the wind, and then Tim and I drove back. We are only one episode behind on Serial now. AH, it’s so good, but I have to admit it bothers me that there is no conclusion to the case at the current time. I’m so fascinated by it though.

Anyway, we got back, and I did laundry and packed, and then we walked to the bar to meet my friends. It was a really nice weekend.

Now its off to AC. It’s kind of a bummer, because we all have our own rooms, and you’re allowed to have friends/family/whatever come and crash with you for free, but apparently, everyone I know has a job and must work. Here’s hoping I can find running routes at 4 a.m.


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Maybe I’ll delete this, but today was a good day. I went to spin, then work, then met some new friends for drinks; then tim and I watched Christmas vacation. I didn’t act like a crazy person. I didn’t cry or replay the whole day in my mind. It’s just a day.

And I was ok. But it still hurts. My heart still aches. It’s real. And it hurts. It’s not like sad books or movies. It’s real life. And it hurts.

i hope in the afterlife we really are all together.

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